Equinox for Equality was conceived in 2017 by a group of concerned Sandpoint citizens struggling to respond to hateful posters distributed in their community.  Instead of trying to seek out the individual(s) who sought to spread fear and hatred in our community, we chose to focus on loving and welcoming each other.  We have so much to celebrate!  There are many kinds of diversity – including gender-identity, sexual-orientation, ethnic, social, economic, and religious diversity.  We gather to celebrate North Idaho’s vibrant community and to welcome our differences.  Come as you are.  All are welcome here.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just wondering if the people in your group are also members of the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force? I was just curious how this group is different.


    1. Barbara. Indivisible is a group devoted to using lobbying, protests, marches, and rallies to stop unwanted legislation. It is a partner to groups like BCHRTF, 350, and others who are trying to create positive legislation. We are mostly focused on mobilizing people to react to legislation as it happens. Hope that helps!


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